Frequently Asked Questions

How do you send out orders?

We send via US Postal Service as there is no UPS or FedEx near our little town.

How soon will my order ship?  
We are committed to excellent customer service and most orders will ship in three days or sooner after the order is placed. 
Do you ship overseas?
We will be happy to assist you in ordering if you live out of the USA.  Please email or phone for info and prices to ship to other countries. 

Do you use milk from other producers?
Never, we are very particular about the health of our goats, the way they are fed, and the way the milk is handled because cleanliness is paramount to making a high quality lotion.
Do the lotions remove age spots? 

Because we are only using the most natural, gentle ingredients and not harsh chemical ingredients, we cannot tell you that this product will remove age spots.  But some folks feel that the Red Raspberry Seed Oil has skin brightening effects. 


Do you do any Animal Testing?
Our products have not been tested on any animals (though many of our clients report that their pets have been known to lick them after they have used our products, no doubt because of the delicious goats milk and other natural ingredients), but the goaties highly approve of us trading them their excess milk for the tasty hay and grain that we feed them, not to mention the love and occasional peppermint of which they are all very fond!  
What does “Not Tested” mean?  
In order to declare our product “Tested” we would have to test every batch.  Batch testing is expensive, but it is very important and we not only do random batch testing with an independent lab in Colorado, but we also do “Challenge” testing to challenge the efficacy of our preservative and how it hold up to daily uses in your home. Not only do our products come back clean, but the cosmetic industry allows up to 500 million CFU’s (CFU stands for colony forming units and is in reference to the level of bacteria allowed in commercial cosmetics) in lotions meant for areas around your eyes and even more for lotion on your hands face and body. 
Yeah, yucky right? 
BUT, hang on…not only do our lotions come back from the lab with excellent ratings but every batch has come back with the report of 0 CFU found in any test samples!  This is a reflection of not only the care and sterilization protocol we use in our manufacturing of the lotions but also the healthfulness and quality of every ingredient we put into our lotions.  
The safety of our products has not been determined. It is up to the consumer to determine if this product is safe for them to use.  If there is any question, please consult with your doctor before using.

Privacy Policy
It is our policy to never share or sell your information to anyone or any company. Your information is completely confidential. 

We work tirelessly to make healthy, fresh products that are a joy for you to use.  And we want you to be happy with them.  Because we have no control over the use or storage or care of the product once it leaves our lab, here is our simple product returns policy: within 14 days we’ll refund you 100% if you truly don’t like the product or it is defective. 14-30 days you’ll receive 1/2 refund. After 30 days no refund.

Product Reviews
Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, on the skin or any area of the body. Our products are for cleansing, moisturizing, refreshing and beautifying the skin. Statements made in Testimonials are made voluntarily by individuals who have used our products and want to inform others of their experiences.