We’re always pleased to hear from our customers and get their feedback! Here’s just a couple of the nice things people have said about our Goat’s Milk Lotion!


This lotion is amazing!  When I was growing up, my grandmother, who was born in 1897, of the era of sun bonnets and skin care, had a lotion called Shepherd’s Lotion.  We grew up loving to visit and put some on our hands.  It was unlike any other lotion on the market that we were aware of.  Unfortunately, by the 1970s or ’80s, it was no longer available.

Since that time, I have probably purchased every lotion on the market at one time or another, always in that search for something resembling my grandmother’s Shepherd’s Lotion.

Eucerin Cream, Burt’s Bee, Vaseline, any number of Psoriasis lotions, but none have compared.  That is until your Little Rockin’ Heart Dairy lotion arrived.  It is so soft, so luxurious on my skin, so pleasantly fragrant. Now reading the description on the website, I understand why. There is science behind the quality. I’ve been using it one week and my skin feels so much better. Thank you Little Rockin’ Heart Dairy!

-Elizabeth Kohl

Nancy & Jael,
I received my Plumeria lotion yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much! And also, thank you for the Mimosa lip balm. It is great! I look forward to purchasing more items from your business. Thank you again and have a happy new year!
  -Alli Baker

Dear Dairyfolk,
Last November I visited your booth at the Winter Market in Moscow and bought some gardenia-scented lotion, and you threw in a berry lip balm stick too. Well, they are both wonderful. The skin at the rim of my lips had become a little irritated and swollen (possibly a slight allergic reaction to something I had eaten).  I used your lip balm for two or three days and the irritation cleared right up. I’ve bought more Little Rockin’ Heart balm at the co-op since then, as it has become my favorite brand. Your lotion, too, is the best. It’s dense and rich while still retaining a light texture that smooths right on and satisfies my thirsty skin.
Thanks for introducing me to your products! Now I have a goat’s-milk glow!
Colleen Jeffery

I am a 51 year old woman. As I have gotten older my skin has changed. It is very dry skin and I need hydration often. When I started using Rockin Heart goats milk lotion everything changed. My skin has gotten softer and supple  and the wrinkles have faded. I use daily in the am and pm. It is luscious. My face feels rejuvenated every time I put lotion on. The lotions made with natural fragrances make your skin soft and fragrances lasts for hours. My skin all around has changed completely. Because It has a natural sunblock I use more often in the summer because I spend a lot of time outside.

For Christmas I gave this lotion to friends and family and already I’m getting requests for more. All I can say is for the price of the product and what you get out of it. I would pay double. Thank you Rockin Heart for the care you put into your product. I recommend it to everyone I know.

– Peggy Swegle

I LOVE Little Rockin’ Heart Dairy’s lotion! It is so smooth and creamy and makes my skin very soft. I have tried the Frankincense and Myrrh, Lilac and Rose and the scent is not too strong but divine! I plan on purchasing more in the future, the price is right and make excellent gifts for friends. Thank you Little RockinHeart Dairy! 

-Priscilla Rose

I have been using this wonderful lotion for a couple of months now and I am loving it. I’m very picky about the lotions I use and this is absolutely the best. It makes my skin feel moisturized and not greasy like so many lotions I have tried over the years. I even use the unscented as my face moisturizer!  My husband (who never uses hand cream) has fallen in love with this wonderful lotion and uses it all the time. I have several different fragrances and love them all but the Frankincense and Myrrh is my (and my husband’s) favorite.

I purchased a box full at Christmas to give as gifts to my daughters and daughters-in-law and they also have become goat milk lotion “converts”.  I’ll definitely  will be purchasing more of this lovely lotion in the future.
-Patty Lystad

 I gave away some of the lotions as presents to the girls in the office. We all keep a bottle girls at work have a bottle on their desk that they use daily.  We work with a lot of paper all day so our hands dry out easily, we have all used a lot of other lotions and none of them are as nice as yours! This is lotion is the best ….non-greasy and lasting . It’s the hit of the office! Thanks!
 -Pam Roberson

Little Rockin’ Heart Dairy’s lotion has quickly become my lotion of choice.  I keep a bottle at my desk and use it frequently.  Living in Texas, with extreme heat and dryness, my hands get so dry that my fingers crack.  This lotion not only soothes and moisturizes, but helps the cracks heal.  I have also found that when I get little cuts on my hands, they heal quicker by my use of the lotion. 

I am slowly eliminating all other lotions in my house and will be using only the Goat’s Milk Lotion from Little Rockin’ Heart Dairy.

Jerri Gates

I purchased from the Moscow Co-op “Little Rockin’ Heart Dairy” unscented lotion. I was recently diagnosed with  rosacea and have had trouble finding a product that worked for my skin. I tried the lotion and love it! My face absorbs the lotion well and my skin doesn’t seem to be reacting to the lotion. Thank you for making this product.
Tami Barke

A+++! 5 stars! I’m 8.5 months pregnant with my second child and he has given me quite the unsightly, horizontal stretch marks on my belly. Deep, red, ugly and itchy. I applied the Goat Milk Lotion in Coconut Milk scent (it smells like Pina Colada!) every day, liberally, after a shower and I am happy to report that not only has the redness in my new stretch marks decreased, but the itching has stopped too. It also smells divine! I highly recommend the lotion products that Little Rockin’ Heart Dairy produces to alleviate pregnant belly stretch marks coloring and itchiness. 
Lydia Byers

My husband and I have been using the samples and we absolutely feel it it the best product we have ever tried.  His face is so much softer and less wrinkled.  He spends his days in the hot sun mowing and it’s made a huge difference. We appreciate your products—-my customers love them! Thank you – my husband just this morning commented on how much is deep crevices in his face have gone away….he is a hard sell so I know he is sincere and I see and feel how much his skin has improved.

-Cathy Storey

I loved the winter cream you gifted me at the Dahmen Barn winter gala! This is the best stuff ever! I dislocated a couple of fingers that day, and the Winter Cream was fabulous for healing them once they got reset. This stuff is amazing!! I owe you several bowls for this magic potion! I am highly allergic to cow dairy and a bunch of other stuff not in your cream, so this was fabulous!!! Have recommended it to others and just wanted you to know I am a big fan!!
Bright Blessings for the Holiday Season,
Debi Robinson-Smith, Dahmen Barn Clay Studio

In the rolling hills of northern Idaho, you will find a mother/daughter business located on an old, recycled cattle ranch handed down from grandparents. These hard working women rarely take a day off! They call this place Little Rockin’ Heart Ranch, which is aptly named as the love in their hearts go into all of the products they produce!
If you have never used their products, get ready to be amazed at the benefits they have to offer! The quality, driven by research for these top notch products, took years to perfect. They milk their own goats, controlling the quality of milk that goes into the products in order to bring them to a 99% purity standard. Their goats are treated as if they are part of the family, more as spoiled “kids”, one might say. From happy goats come a higher quality of milk, thus a richer quality product.
The results I have had from using the lotions have been that of healing and wellness for my body and particularly my hands. I have my hands in the water all day but between emersions I use the lotion to seal in moisture and promote healing. When you find a great product such as this, you want the world to know!


I have enjoyed the wonderful fragrances they offer, chosen definitely to please the customer. Christmas gifts for friends has been a delight, they love the unusual, useable items I give from LRH. It becomes more a gift of love when they know the story behind the gift.
Constance Theis
Oklahoma City, OK

I was given Plumeria goat’s milk lotion and Mimosa shea butter lip balm last month and am simply in love with them!  I have very sensitive skin and am always a little wary about trying anything new on it.  The lotion is so creamy and luxurious without being the least bit heavy and oily and has proven to be so soothing on my skin.  And the lip balm is a sweet little pick-me-up throughout the day.  Thank you, Little Rockin’ Heart Dairy! – Molly Rizzuto


Molly Rizzuto 

Goose House Bakery

Moscow, Idaho